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The way to make "animation like" video easily for non-professional animator

I can not draw cartoons or illustrations at all, but I still want to make animations

Ofcourse I can't draw any illustration, any MANGA, still I want to make animation, because I love it. It is getting quite convinient to make video, illust, photo edit, because of evolution of software like AI. so I thought there must be the application that will make me like a animation professional. My searching result is listed below. hope to enjoy it.

1. iPhone pre-installed "Clips"

If you are iPhone user, this is the most easy way to make "animation like" movie. And the result is nice. Just one bad point is "Clips" can only shoot "square" videos.

2. mobile app "Artisto"

3. mobile app "Olli"

4. AfterEffects plug-in "Transfusion Style Transfer​"

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Just for my Information, listing the link of Japanese articles. After I check these articles, I may list up in English.